Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Why I write this blog

I have been known to complain about DC with my friends. It's not like New York; people are boring here - and it's not like [name of small town]; people are mean here. There are no real artists and everyone you meet just wants to compare resumes and strategize about how you can help their career. Pants are khaki, dresses are a-line, shirts are buttoned up to the neck, and the only way that people can have any fun is to drink copious amounts of booze and indulge their bestial natures with an aching lack of irony. The street lighting is terrible. Restaurants get away with sucking because tourists still come anyway. The weather switches between tropical swelter (minus alabaster beaches and mango trees) and inconvenient snow (uphill both ways).

But we are just being whiny. You get what you expect from a city (or any situation in this mysterious life of ours). If there are worlds in just a grain of sand, think how much there is in DC... And so I want to tell you about some fun things to do here. It's not really a guide book. Some of my experiences are completely irreproducible, because they depend on specific people or circumstances. But it'll still give you an idea of the possibilities.

And maybe some of the motives mentioned by my personal economist are relevant too.


Blogger playfulinnc said...

Interesting...I am moving to the area in a few days, and did notice how conservative the dress was. All of the women looked like soccer moms, complete with very long hair and dresses below the knees.

I asked the leasing agent if this was typical, and he said that it was...typical of D.C. when a republican was president. If Kerry gets elected, will it change?

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