Sunday, January 02, 2005


Object, what are you for?
And who brought you inside?
It was I: I bought you in the store!
For the bargain price of $12.95!
But for what, I can't remember.

Perhaps it was to carve eggshells -
or produce a tingle in my toes -
Suspend a hundred little bells -
Or vacuum sand out of my clothes.

I'm not sure where to put you;
Though I'm sure I needed you
In the living room,
A few days ago,
For what, I can't remember.
It was for something very important.

But ole Terence Blanchard is singing the blues
so while I try to decide, I'll juggle with you
I'll balance you on my head
Rub you along my feet
Kick you over the bed
And tap you on walls with the beat -

Beautiful object,
Object of mine
Object of value
Object with price.


Blogger jon faith said...

Commented on your Stalin-a-la-playa piece below. It isn't much, only a suggestion you pursue the work of Vasily Grossman. I like Mr. Blanchard, esepcially his variations on film themes. cheers - jon

9:21 AM  

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