Monday, April 04, 2005

On the 'ho' business

I've been reading the DC Craig's List discussions a lot recently, for some reason. It's like watching a train wreck. I'm particularly fascinated by the "Casual Encounters" section, where the broke college girls meet the sugar daddies. It's like watching a National Geographic documentary on primate sexuality.

And for some reason I even post there, arguing with the lunatics.

RE: RANT: How the 'ho' business works............
Reply to:
Date: 2005-04-04, 10:46PM EDT

You wrote:
If you need a 'donation' and you are a non-pro (posting to CE/W4M). Let's say that you really are a college girl or some chick down on her financial luck. You don't get a pic 1st..sorry. YOU are advertising a fuckin advertise(yourself--with YOUR pic in an email)! Stop looking for a 'customer' to send you a pic if they reply to your posting. As long as their color, size, shape, age, turns out to be GREEN, that's all you need to worry about. It's not about you appraising the donator, it's about the donator appraising you and seeing if YOU are worthy of their hard-earned cash. That's how the 'ho' business works.

I wrote:
It seems to me that the 'ho' business is illegal, hence I do not believe there is any official governing body dictating its rules. Since this is true, I believe that the 'ho' business works any way that its providers and consumers work out between themselves, according to the laws of supply and demand. If a girl wants to demand that a guy send her a picture, jump through a hoop, and shave his head before he hires her, she's free to do so. She might not get any clients, but she's certainly free to try. And the more sexually desirable, experienced, and charming she is, the more she's going to get away with in terms of demands upon her clients. That's the way that supply and demand works.

And, for your part, you're free to hire the services of anybody you want to (who's also willing to do business with you.) That might mean skipping the girls who demand pictures up-front and only hiring girls with lower standards.

You're also free to post rants about "the 'ho' business" on Craig's List, fueled by your insecurity about being so ugly that even prostitutes reject you. Of course, it's not going to do you any good.


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