Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Spinning my wheels

The search for a new bike continues, although Martin kindly lent me one of the beaters from his basement to tide me over. It doesn't have handbrakes - you stop by pushing the pedals backwards. Since one of my habits is to idly spin the wheels quickly backwards while I'm riding downhill, this has resulted in a number of embarassing jerky stops.

But never fear, reader, I'll try to find a bike that does not closely resemble a nuclear bomb, in order to avoid the inconvenient events of Monday.

In the meantime my friend Ben's post, on how the whole world and legal system likes to kick around us poor bikers, is great and rather cathartic.


Blogger MJ said...

Zoe, I'm so sorry about your bike! That really sucks :-(

Good luck with the search. Wish I knew someone in your area with one for sale!

5:15 PM  

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