Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Type random letters into Google in the Kramerbooks kiosk...

LOCATION: Kramerbooks, just north of Dupont Circle on Connecticut Avenue. Computer kiosk is next to the bar and you can use it free for 15 minutes or longer if you're feeling rude.

Google's autocomplete will give you a picture of what people in DC, in aggregate, search for on the internet (or at least the sample represented by Kramer patrons):

macrosys research and technology
mandarin + hotel
march 28 birthdays
march issue jane magazine
mary gillot
masturbating for peace
Shulman dentist 5th Ave NY
graduate scholarships international development
german embassy washington
zippo lighters
ufo sightings in 2004
a world transformed
absolut level vodka
alien signal on March 7, 2004
american movie
bellsouth peru sensaje de texto
best running shoe
black voices


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Blogger mjgillot said...

WOW...I could scarcely be more horrified and bemused simultaneously. Here's why:
I did a Google search on my name. Among the hits was this:
MY Name..." masturbating for peace...." in "Fun things to do in DC."
This is so not cool.
I am Mary Gillot. I am originally from D.C.
And, while I am aware that "masturbating for peace" is simply the next line of text and has nothing to do with me, Google does not recognize line breaks and makes it look like one topic. For how many years will this passage be here for family/friends/strangers to potentially misinterpret?
Oh yeah, it's also my Mom's name.
See what I'm dealing with here?
Could I request that my name be deleted from this passage for obvious reasons? Mom and I would appreciate it.
Peace (by whatever means),

2:34 PM  

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