Thursday, December 16, 2004

Tips from a culture 100,000 years old

*If your nose is congested, pick a few leaves off a eucalyptus tree, roll them up, and insert one in each nostril. Oh my god this is amazingly effective.

*If you're suffering from an ant bite, rub it with some curly fern leaves and seal it up with the sap from a kurumdidge tree.

*Time is a circle with three sub-eddies: past, present, and future, which is also evenly intersected by the circular journey of the Rainbow Serpent creating plants, animals, and people; all six of these are the same.

*You have a personal, family, and tribal animal spirit totem, and you're forbidden to kill and eat the animals of your totem. Besides teaching discipline this allows humans to live sustainably on the land, because there are always certain places where certain animals will not be hunted.

*Going on "walkabout" or a spiritual journey focused on emotional and physical trials and opening up to learnings from yourself, nature, and other cultures is an essential prerequisite to wisdom. Karrajis or tribal leaders sometimes go on walkabouts that last 30 years.

*If it's a hot day, dip your hat in a river and the evaporation will keep your head cool.

*Wood grubs, which have a 35% fat content, are extremely tasty and nutritious.


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