Friday, June 24, 2005

The Inner Domain with Neva: Saturday, June 25th 3pm-5pm

Martin said this morning of Neva Ingalls, a teacher at the Hot Yoga studio, "Damn her - she's spoiled me for any other yoga class! Nothing else is as good..." When you consider that he was saying this to his yoga teacher girlfriend, that's quite a strong statement - but I've got to admit he's right, and I feel the same way. To give you some slight indication of my own devotion: as a teacher at Studio Serenity, and a teaching assistant at Tranquil Space, I can go to classes at either studio for free - but I still ride my bike half an hour uphill almost every Wednesday and Saturday to the Hot Yoga studio, near the National Cathedral, to learn from Neva. And when I look around at her 2-hour advanced class on Saturday mornings, I'd guess more than half the people in there are also yoga teachers from studios in the area.

Neva's teaching a workshop this Saturday:


The Inner Domain with Neva
Saturday June 25, 2005
$40.00 pre-reg/ $45.00 at door
"Help support our Workshops by forwarding this email to a friend or fellow yoga teacher."
This Workshop is hosted by HOT YOGA
202.HOT.YOGA (202.468.9642)
See more details at

All of your potential and force for good lies dormant inside of you. Through guided meditation, imagery and extended svasana, melt through the outer koshas or layers of the physical and mental bodies and enter the "Inner Domain" of the sacred wisdom heart. From this place of balance drink the nectar of clarity, spontaneity and creativity.

3408 Wisconsin Avenue, NW (Suite 205)
Washington, DC 20016
(202) HOT-YOGA (468-9642)


So I plan to go to her two-hour class in the morning tomorrow, grab some lunch & eat it in the National Cathedral garden, and then go back for her meditation workshop.


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