Monday, September 13, 2004

Go to the Native American Museum in the middle of the night

Tuesday, September 21st will be the opening day for the Native American Museum on the National Mall:

They're having speeches etc all day, and a concert at 5:30pm. To get in the door during regular hours for the first week, you have to reserve a pass through the evil But from midnight on Tuesday through Wednesday morning, the museum will be open for all.

I have a long history of sneaking into museums and libraries late at night (ask about the "orgy" in the Yale stacks sometime). The Hirshhorn's "24 Hour Psycho" was a sort of neverending froufrou psychedelic gallery party where all the well-dressed people in DC emerged from hiding. I'm guessing this will be spookier and much more morally ambiguous.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure it matters to you, but after perusing your site, I decided to head on down to the Museum of the American Indian last night. It was well worth the trip. Thanks for the suggestion, and I hope your site is around for some time.


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