Friday, October 08, 2004

Live with the most adorable roommate

who overflows with empathy and positive energy*, has the softest dreadlocks in the world, inexhaustible frilly clothing and beauty products to lend, pink feminist stickers all over her belongings, an empire of friends to call on for favours, a grandmother who can bake sublime biscuits, and a treasure trove of 50s cheesecake postcards for the purposes of decoupaging bicycles.

OOPS! Sorry!! You can't!!! I've already got her!!!!

*and vanilla rose lotion


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love you too zoe!!! you are lovely, gorgeous, amazing, and wonderful. you also smell delicious and i am proud to know you. you're a good influence. you're going to make my couch potato ass get into yoga!!! xoxoxox

PS. i love your writing! jen and i enjoyed the star and triangle discussion. :) you've got great artistic talent!!! xo

7:55 AM  

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