Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ode to an Anatomy Diagram

O you precious little vertebrae
linking knuckles for a crackling kiss,
any second set to carve a jig
like white ivory dice
pattering in my fist...
You lie.
So white and clean and cold.
It's the muscles move you
Warm slobbery pink piles of flesh
slurping with blood and ooze and pus -
Without them
you'd be shelving dust in twilight's tomb
inside a ghost town's biology classroom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I read on your blog that you used to live in the basement of the Fondo Del Sol gallery. How was that? I'm considering doing it, but I'm just not sure. I havent' been able to find ANY info about the living quarters part of the gallery on the web. It sounds great, the location is perfect, but I want to be sure before I commit. Please help! I'm a grad student and could really use this! Any comments would be very appreciated!
you can contact me at
thank you SO much

5:42 AM  

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