Monday, November 22, 2004

Ode to a Worm Next to Three Pomegranate Seeds on the Stone Slab Outside the Brookings Institution

Coruscating ourobouros,
Finger-sized flopping serpent,
Beached earthworm without earth!
You flip and sway, writhe your way
Through the alphabet, spelling secrets
On the grey rock where you're stuck.

Beside you
Glow three red pomegranate seeds
Which I spilled while eating lunch.

You're getting somewhere
I believe
In your bleak stone's quest
Although I'll be back up to work
Before your story's end -
Researching ideas,
Investigating propositions,
Framing arguments,
And defending theories.

O miniature elephant trunk,
O slinky scintillating sod-snake
O back-flipping behemoth-lette -
You are not a symbol,
You are complete unto yourself!

Dear worm
On a rock
Near pomegranate seeds
Outside a


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