Sunday, August 21, 2005

Not Enlightened Any More

Dear Lord, perhaps one day
you'll remove the veils from my sight;
I'll dive into the river of light -
a thirsty fish, and all the ocean.

And then, perhaps,
jump back out
to the bank
amidst your hard rocks, muddy trees
like a silly child
at a border crossing:
"I'm in France! I'm in Germany!

Or like me, now,
on this corporeal rock
in this solid wet river,
dipping my foot
in and out
of the water.

It will be, perhaps, the biggest
joke of all:
"Enlightened! Not enlightened!
Not enlightened!"


Blogger MJ said...

They say that enlightenment (and, I imagine, death) is like being a salt doll and jumping into the ocean. But once you've dissolved, I doubt you can re-form.....

6:04 PM  

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