Monday, July 25, 2005

Trance dancing with Neva

Neva, the wonderful teacher at the Hot Yoga studio, is having a trance dance workshop on Friday night at 7:30pm, which will be absolutely magnificent.

To register in advance ($15) click here.


Since recorded history of mankind there has been a striving for something beyond the limited, physical and mundane. Great devotees of this quest developed yoga, which means fusion between the physical and the divine. The understanding that this divine spark exists within the temple of the human body has lead mystics to delve into the science of body, mind, and spirit integration. Sacred or divine dance has been esteemed as an expression and a striving towards, the human-divine connection. Ultimately this striving is for the joy of complete union. Today the longing for inner fulfillment continues to inspire us. Through Chakra dance enjoy connecting with tribal rhythms, elemental imagery and archetypal expression. In 21st century terms explore this organic process of renewal and healing in an evening of rejuvenation & empowerment, stillness & ecstatic movement, silence & celebration.

3408 Wisconsin Avenue, NW (Suite 205)
Washington, DC 20016
(202) HOT-YOGA (468-9642)


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